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Many would also include Gottlob Frege as a founder of analytic philosophy in the late 19th century, and this controversial issue is discussed in section 2c.

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Art historians often examine work in the context of its time.In point of fact, no evidence has turned up that the Negro soldiers themselves used the name to refer to themselves, not in black newspapers, not in pension files, not in letters, not anywhere.The climate of opinion at that time was to be equal to the rest of the American military soldiers.Some of us that grew up viewing and believing that John Wayne on the big screen must have been a veteran of World War II like so many other Hollywood stars that did serve honorably in that conflict. Western novels and films have presented a notion that the US military ‘buffalo soldiers’ in the plains area were recognized with mutual regard by the tribes. Too often our emotional perceptions are not supported by historical facts.Such technologies have helped to advance the discipline in profound ways, as they have enabled easy comparisons of objects.


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