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Customers are never tricked in to paying unknowingly, paid sessions are impossible to steal, billing calls always have server-side validations, premium content is inaccessible without a valid subscription, and, with our use of PDO, queries are 100% safe against SQL injections.Snapchat bought Bitstrips, the startup behind Bitmoji, back in March.” and “Disappointment.” Now, users can link their Bitmoji account in Snapchat using their credentials and the avatar they created will appear in the app ready to use.If a user doesn’t have Bitmoji already, you can log in with Snapchat to set one up.As a wonderful or terrifying bonus, depending on your perspective, if your friends have Bitmoji linked to their Snapchat, you’ll be able to ‘Friendmoji’ them, too, which means you can use their emojified avatar stickers as well.

They're not object-oriented, validations aren't consistently server-side, and different parts of the site are done in different styles.


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The acquisition was worth a reported 0 million, but at the time, how the product would be integrated wasn’t clear.

Today, Snapchat finally acknowledged the acquisition and revealed how it would integrate Bitstrips’ product: Users can now send their Bitmoji to each other either in chat or in snaps.


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