Cystic fibrosis patients dating other cystic fibrosis patients

-- Penn State biomaterials scientists have developed a new, inexpensive method for detecting salt concentrations in sweat or other bodily fluids.

The fluorescent sensor, derived from citric acid molecules, is highly sensitive and highly selective for chloride, the key diagnostic marker in cystic fibrosis.

Scientists from the University of Liverpool's Institute of Infection and Global Health have shown that phage therapy could offer a safe and effective alternative to antibitotics in the treatment of cystic fibrosis lung infections.

The chronic lung inflammation that is a hallmark of cystic fibrosis, has, for the first time, been linked to a new class of bacterial enzymes that hijack the patient's immune response and prevent the body from calling off ...

You may work with a dietitian to develop a nutrition plan.

Most people with cystic fibrosis need to take pancreatic enzyme capsules with every meal and snack.

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Some of the main treatments for cystic fibrosis include: Medications to treat and prevent lung problems Airway clearance techniques to remove mucus from the lungs Dietary and nutritional advice Lung transplants Treatments for associated problems, such as diabetes People with cystic fibrosis may need to take a number of different medicines to treat and prevent lung problems. Some of the main medicines for cystic fibrosis are: It's also important that people with cystic fibrosis are up to date with all routine vaccinations and have the flu jab each year once they're old enough.A healthy diet is important to maintain good lung function.It's also important to drink lots of fluids, which can help thin the mucus in your lungs."Salt concentrations can be important for many health-related conditions," said Jian Yang, professor of biomedical engineering."Our method uses fluorescent molecules based on citrate, a natural molecule that is essential for bone health." Compared to other methods used for chloride detection, Yang's citrate-based fluorescent material is much more sensitive to chloride and is able to detect it over a far wider range of concentrations.A new, inexpensive method for detecting salt concentrations in sweat or other bodily fluids has been developed by Penn State biomaterials scientists.


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