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If they weren't there, I don't know what I'd be doing right now.

Famously damaged his knee in 2009 during a dance off with his (500) Dias com Summer (2009) co-stars Geoffrey Arend and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Mexican dive bar. After a third surgery, Gubler started using a cane but was unable to walk normally for the next five months.

He ended up spraining his ankle on screen, which was kept in the movie.

Matthew Gray Gubler didn't want to show me his paintings.

It's as unique, and as beautiful, and so I've never understood why, just because someone has, like, big blue eyes, which is really rare, why is that more beautiful than someone having, like, really tiny hands, or some feature that's really unique and therefore very beautiful to me?

"(Paget Brewster, an actress and former Criminal Minds cast member, has big brown eyes, although they are shut in the portrait.)Gubler casts the atypical people he admires when he directs episodes of Criminal Minds, citing both their odd beauty and his responsibility to present unconventional-for-television individuals to the masses as reasons for doing so.

Since his own house was being renovated, the Criminal Minds actor was staying at his friend's house in Los Angeles; I asked if he'd been painting there."Nothing good, to be honest," he said, sitting in the shade in slippers. "Because I always worry about, not worry, but my nightmare is making someone see something in the flesh, and then making them, like, they feel some responsibility to pretend to like it. I'll go up to that window." He pointed to a window in the house.

*Taken from a Prompt on Tumblr* Could someone write one where Matthew Gray Gubler and Spencer Reid both exist in real life but are different people and the reader who works at the BAU has a huge celeb crush on MGG and the team knows and someone mentions that MGG looks A LOT like Reid and they use that to tease her about really liking Spencer (she does) and she gets embarrassed.

He keeps his friend’s wisdom teeth on hand; not to mention the screw that was in his knee for about seven months, which he wants to give to that special someone—some day. Tolkien, and one-quarter Wes Anderson–inspired—has a one-of-a-kind interior aesthetic.

(Ladies, get in line.)Gubler’s tree house—one-half Tim Burton, one-quarter J. Step inside and check out Gubler’s “Stuff,” including the quirky, the kooky, and the exceptionally cool.

"He paints a picture with them more than anything else," said Scott David, Criminal Minds' casting director, who said he's "always on the lookout" for "a Gubler type."David didn't have a very specific definition of a "Gubler type" beyond some adjectives: interesting, odd, weird, different.

She has written songs for Miranda Lambert, Megan Trainor, The Band Perry and many more.


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