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It was much admired and Dutch potters wanted to imitate the look, even though they couldn’t recreate true Chinese porcelain.Potteries in Delft had some success with good quality blue and white glazed earthenware.A defining factor separating the Delft tiles from others is that the Dutch style included artistic representations of figures painted on the tiles.The scenes characteristic of these tiles depict images of animals, mythological creatures, and artifacts that were likely to have appeared in ordinary Dutch villages, such as windmills, houses or boats.Condition: At some time in its history this tile has been drilled with two small holes at the top, presumably to hang it from.There is also edge nibbling and losses but no cracks and no restoration. , Tiles 3 and 4 - Lower PAIR of Blue and White Two typical building scenes in blue and white with corner motifs. Some edge nibbling, losses and glaze wear but no cracks or restoration.His thesis was a study of the tile collection at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum.On a recent afternoon, Roeland helped me climb a steep staircase to a balcony overlooking his shop, where we sat for an hour while he gave me a primer on Dutch antique tiles.

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The humble yet definitive line strokes is reminiscent of a simpler era, one of villages and towns, fishermen, little children playing games, and swans elegantly sitting atop still water.

This is probably the oldest tile, dating to pre 18th Century.

It is hand painted in varying shades of Cobalt Blue, showing a monastery and other buildings beside a lake with two birds in the foreground all within a double blue circle, with additional corner motifs.

The tiles often portrayed different characters such as men, women, children, and even fishermen.

Most of the tiles are colored blue to imitate the style of Chinese porcelain, which had become popular as a result of Dutch trade with China.


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