After it was stored in the museum it seems to have been completely forgotten until it was rediscovered by Sherbiny.Though a relatively large number of Egyptian papyrus rolls or fragments survived in Egypt because of the dry desert climate, very few ancient Egyptian leather rolls survived.- harbor of Old Cairo - dating from the 11th to the 14th century AD.These fragments are the earliest known printed textiles.

The trefoil is thought to be composed of three sun discs fused together to represent the inseparable unity of the Gods of Sun, Water and Earth.

The manuscript, which had been lost in the museum for about 70 years, was purchased by the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology in Cairo from a local antiquities dealer sometime after the WWI.

It was later donated to the Egyptian Museum, where it was unrolled shortly before the outbreak of the WWII.

Proportion is important and the appearance must be sufficiently lifelike as to be acceptable to both the wearer and those around them.'The stump must also be kept clean, so it must be easy to take on and off.

'But most importantly it must assist walking.' She added: 'The big toe is thought to carry some 40 per cent of the bodyweight and is responsible for forward propulsion, although those without it can adapt well.'To accurately determine any level of function requires the application of gait analysis techniques involving integrated cameras and pressure devices placed along a walkway.' The volunteers were asked to wear the toes with replica Egyptian sandals and, while neither design was expected to perform exactly like a real big toe, one of the volunteers was able to walk extremely well with both artificial toes.


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